Thoughts on building a castle

This discussion covers the design and building of the medieval castles primary internal building and structures, except for the Bergfried.
PART FOUR: The first building discussed will be the Palas or Manor House. This building is the home of the master or administrator of the castle. The structure of this building is such that it is the strongest building in the castle. The building was muiltifloored, with usually three or more living space floors. The building was placed on the highest and hardest part of the castle to be reached. In addition to being the home of the castle adminstrator, it served as the primary place where the adminstrator's daily business was carried out. Rooms were rarely squared, staires going to sleeping and private areas were usually contained in a spiral winding Treppenhaus or turret. Grand hall(served as court room, business office, public gathering hall, social events, intertaining, dining hall) Knights Hall(stadegy planning room) kitchen, food & wine storage areas, sleeping quarters, Garderroom, Solar Room(private social gathering room) servants quarters, fireplaces & wood storage, weapon storage room(armory) Hallways,

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